Tuesday, March 29, 2016

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I am the computer person in my home, if my friends or family needs help they ask me or they volunteer me to help my family.  I got a MySpace when I was 11 or 12 but I really didn't play on it, I got it because my mom's friend daughter had one and I wanted one and it was okay with my mom, so we made me one.  But I really started to play on social media when I was 13, I was always playing on my mom's Facebook I used to play the games on there until she told me I needed to make my own and my friend talked her into it.  She was getting into the games herself and didn't want to share. I had 2 Webkinz accounts, but I haven’t been on it in forever, but I kept the stuffed animals. I got a phone when I was 13 or 14 that was actually mine, it wasn’t a tracfone phone, it was a IPhone 3, then later I got a Samsung.  Then I got a tablet when I was 18 for black Friday and I really play on that then my phone any more.
The first technology thing I remember is playing on a video games systems (Nintendo NES) until it broke and then we got a Nintendo 64 and we still have it and it still works. I also had a Gameboy that I played all the time and I had quite the few games for it, but I either gave it to my cousin or I broke it, I really don't remember what happened to it. I had a Nintendo DSI and I loved it, but my mom went out of town (I don't remember where they were going) to a concert and she asked for she could take it with her to take pictures on the way, so when they went in she put it under the car seat she was sitting on, but when she came back out it was gone someone took, so she got me a new one.  
I still used Facebook, still just really for the games I'm not really on it very much I usually read on the computers most of the time.  My Gameboy and Nintendo 64 got replaced for a Wii I still play a little on the Nintendo 64, but not much. I use the computer to read when I get home for school to bedtime really.  I really don’t play the Wii very much just when I’m at my friends house ( I have a Wii just I don’t play on it very much and we gave them our Wii remotes so they could have more since there are so many kids and not enough controllers to play with) and I had a Nintendo DSI XL, I only have a few games on it, but I lost the charger for it, I think I have a car charger for it, but we don’t have a car so it does nothing for me.

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