Friday, May 6, 2016

Third Blog

Yes I do, because they are always trying to sucking us back in and to play on them.  They take over our social life.  It’s easier to say something mean or hateful or even tell secrets over digital things.  Then to people’s face we could never do that.  We play so much on our digital things we don’t know how to be social and talk to people, it’s just better not to talk to people.  We have our conversations by taking picture’s of everything we do and send them to people instead of talking to them and telling them about it.  Sometimes it’s easier to write to people then to talk to them, like if you are having a bad day but don’t want your friend to know so you write it so they can’t hear the pain in your voice.
Yea most of the time.  I like being home alone, if it’s in a place I know if it’s not I hate it so I use digital things to keep me company until someone else is there even if we don’t talk.  I just like that someone else is besides me.  Digital things makes you feel like you are not alone, if something happens you can get help.  Sometimes people are having a bad day and they want to be by themselves but they don’t at the same time so they play on the digital things they own or have.  Some people like to play on digital things to know that they are not alone even when they are by themselves.